There is an endless number of issues that our community faces, how we decide to tackle them is incredibly important. Our Freedom Field Organization seeks to enhance the lives of specific people in our community, which are often excluded from many activities. Since our expertise is in the field of paintball, it just felt natural to focus on helping mobility impaired people have access to the great sport of paintball.

"Solutions don’t come easy. By listening and talking about ideas, big steps toward finding solutions and common ground can be made. It's how we can ensure our community is better for everyone. If we work for it, it will happen." DKB

Our long term goals

1. Obtain wheelchairs that we can outfit with our paintball equipment. to assist players as needed.

2. Integrate paintball into the Special Olympics nationwide.

3. Inspire paintball fields throughout the nation to follow the Freedom Field model. 

Our priority

Working with disabled veterans and special olympians. Paintball helps to enhance cognative and physical abilities because of the teamwork and decision making skills required and learned on the field of play.  Our program will help enable players to participate in a sport that helps enhance awareness, socialization, teamwork and confidence. Freedom Field will provide the venue, equipment, and training at no cost to the participant. Each player will be assisted by a volunteer of the Freedom Field, as needed.