Dave and Erin Biddle have owned and operated Gladiator Paintball Park, located on the Camp San Luis Obispo Army National Guard base, for over 10 years. The idea came from Gary Biddle (Dave's Brother) when he decided to move his family to the Central Coast in 2005. Dave and Gary partnered up and built Gladiator Paintball Park. It has come to be the largest and most diverse paintball field in the area. Gary passed away in 2016, leaving his giving spirit at the field. Since the Park's inception, Gladiator Park has donated over $70,000 the Moral, Welfare, and Recreation department at Camp San Luis Obispo. Dave and his wife Erin, continue to support over 40 organizations in our community with their fundraising activities. Their involvement in the community, along with many close relationships with the sport of paintball and with our service men and women, has led to the creation of Freedom Field, a not for profit organization which coordinates paintball events at various fields.


Freedom Field


The penalty for refusing to participate in sporting activity is that you end up being governed by your injuries. �€“ DKB


Dedicated to the men and women who have kept our Country safe and have protected our Freedom! Many of these brave soldiers have come back with injuries that make it difficult to participate in many activities, including paintball.   Gladiator Paintball Park has dedicated over 40,000 sq feet of space to a "one of a kind" venue called, Freedom Field. A place where wounded veterans, special Olympians, and other mobility impaired people can come to play and experience the great sport of paintball.